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↪ 67-69 / ?? of lee hyori.

140730 Jungah’s Instagram update:

"Beautiful pictures of me were taken at Daegu Chimac festival^^~ Thank you~♡ #Chimac #Daegu #Just Awesome"

trans. by fy-kimjungah // take out with full credit.


140730 Jungah’s Instagram update:

"Beautiful pictures of me were taken at Daegu Chimac festival^^~ Thank you~♡ #Chimac #Daegu #Just Awesome"

trans. by fy-kimjungah // take out with full credit.

SPICA Releases The First Teaser Of What Will Obviously Be The Best Comeback Of The Summer




Not biased at all. No sirree.

The above teaser photo has been making the rounds but it wasn’t confirmed to be official until fashion stylist Misha Janet confirmed that it was legit:

The teaser is OUT! I directed the fashion for Kpop super group SPICA ‘a new single ‘I Did It’ They will be appearing along with G-dragon and Girls Generationat Kcon in LA nxt month! These girls are SO talented and…

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#i hope there's a 2nd mv with more appearance of yubin#sobs#i miss her so much TT_______________TT I FEEL THE EXACT SAME

i’m so wonder girls deprived and i miss yubin the most T______T i just hope jyp is planning for her solo too after yeeun

Yubin’s quick cameo @ HA:TFELT’s MV

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung

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لفضح جرائم الاحتلال 

الحرب ضد اطفال فلسطين 

Im surprised this has only 500 notes!

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you can’t even call this war crimes.


Get To Know Me MemeTop Five Favorite Girl Groups

#3: Spica

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Henry didn't call her ugly. Allkpop mistranslated it as always. He was saying that he's never seen anyone as pretty as Hyori when she's "ugly" (bare faced/not dolled up). So yeah, he likes her "ugly" more.


no lmao

why is everyone assuming that I took allkpop’s translation out of context? I watched the video, and understood what Henry said.

No, henry did not straight up call her ugly and leave it at that. I know that. Henry was trying to imply that he liked Hyori a lot because she showed her bare face on tv without any shame, and he really liked that she didn’t feel the need to glam up. Basically he was admiring how down-to-earth she was.

But what he said was rude, even in context. Yes, in the video, Hyori was not offended and neither are korean netizens for the most part.

But you guys need to understand that he still used the word ugly, and that is what I found rude and unnecessary. I understood his point, but he could have gotten his point across by saying something like //she looked really normal without makeup on and I personally liked that because I admire that she didn’t care about looking pretty or glammed up on tv!// but he found it necessary to use ugly because he could make it up by saying “but I think her being ugly is pretty”

I have a problem with what he said because he is a male, giving his opinion on how a woman looks. It doesn’t matter if he had good intentions or if he had a positive message to go along with it, because he still straight up felt entitled enough to give his /enlightened/ opinion about a woman’s physical appearance. And that isn’t okay, NO MATTER WHAT HIS POINT WAS.

I know I come off as an over dramatic social justice blogger, but let me reassure you that I have never felt this opinionated about an idol-being-problematic issue before. And that’s because what he said, while with good intentions toward Hyori, was phrased rudely.

Imagine if someone you knew said that you looked ugly without makeup, but that it was okay because HE PERSONALLY liked that about you. Just because he likes it, doesn’t make you feel any less shitty about the fact that he called ya ugly

tldr; it might have been okay in their context, but the specific word that henry used says a lot about male entitlement toward women and that’s the problem I have with it